As part of the 9th Al Jazeera Forum, Al Jazeera’s Centre for Public Liberties and Human Rights hosted its first seminar under the title "Freedom of Speech, Hate Speech, and Fanaticism: Their Effect on the Foundations of Social Peace".

Composed of three sections, the seminar commenced with Centre Director Sami al-Haj’s speech in which he emphasised Al Jazeera's quest to develop a universal declaration on the freedom of journalists to be adopted by international organisations, pointing out that the declaration will help guarantee the protection of amateur as well as professional journalists. 

Acting Director General of Al Jazeera Media Network Dr. Mostefa Souag asserted that Al Jazeera will restructure its Centre for Public Liberties and Human Rights out of commitment to public freedoms, human rights, freedom of expression, and protection of media personnel. 

During the seminar, Abdel Fattah Fayed, Ahmed al-Shalafi, and Khaled al-Dughaym gave live testimonies on the reality of working as a journalist.

A number of representatives of international organisations concerned with the rights of journalists participated in the first session which discussed the suffering inflicted on journalists during their news coverage, the absence of equity, and the impunity of perpetrators.

The seminar also discussed the major challenges that hinder the security and safety of journalists, the obstacles preventing the unification of principles and standards for the protection of journalists, and the reasons why international protection mechanisms have yet to be adopted.