The “Youth Forum” is a pioneering initiative and new space provided by Al Jazeera Centre for Studies within the 8th AlJazeera Forum to offer youth of all political backgrounds a chance to discuss the issues they consider a priority in light of the changes witnessed by the Arab world and the internal and external repercussions they carry. A number of youth from the Arab world and beyond interacted with this initiative after it was announced from 27 February – 31 March 2014. The number of proposals amounted to 448 in which 828 youth from 71 states participated. After assessment, two were chosen to be implemented in two of the forum's events, and a third event will be allocated for the youth to present their experiences in an open meeting.


First Seminar: Youth Role During Change In Arab Countries

The change movement in a number of Arab states is pushing the youth to consider their role in a number of key issues relating to the change of identity. This places on their shoulders the heavy burden of building the state and society and setting the premise for an incorporating identity that surpasses ethnic, sectarian, and religious differences because they are such a vast and vital segment of society. Moreover, the necessity of youth’s involvement in public opinion and their effective participation in political life has become more clear than ever before. This can be accomplished through the use of the traditional network of partisan and societal institutions or the creation of their own space and methods to reach out to public opinion and influence its orientation through the various media.


Second Seminar: Trends Of Youth Movement 3 Years After The Arab Spring

After the passing of over 3 years from the eruption of the Arab revolutions, several deep changes have occurred in thoughts, relations, and working methods. Despite the great push the change movement witnessed at the start of 2011, leading to the removal of several rulers, this movement has faced consecutive dangerous challenges to the political and social forces that compelled the youth in particular to reconsider the path of change. This seminar will explore different models from around the Arab world that are currently undergoing political and social uprisings, and will present a reading of the product of the youth movement in terms of its current reality and its future path to change.