The 9th edition of Al Jazeera Forum, titled “Conflict and Transformation in the Arab World”, will be held on 4, 5 and 6 May 2015 in Doha.

Al Jazeera Forum attracts decision makers, academicians, politicians, authors and

journalists from all the continents of the world to participate and attend.

The Forum guests will discuss in 7 sessions the current affairs of the Arab world. Since the surge of the Tunisian Revolution, the Arab world is still at the crossroads; either history restore its track and the people become successful in reforming their political, economic and security affairs and hence reinstate their role in the world, or move towards more chaos, failure and state disintegration.

The forum will discuss the following 7 themes:

  • Media and Middle East Conflicts
  • Despotism and the Future of Democracy in the Arab World
  • Manifestations of the Conflict in the Middle East (national identity, political context, social conditions, religious and sectarian divisions, transnational armed groups)
  • The Role of Economic Conditions in Fueling or Reducing Conflicts
  • The Palestinian Issue and the Future of Peace
  • Armies and Politics in the Arab World