Who Owns The News

In the age of decentralised information, almost everything we know about time-honoured journalistic traditions is undergoing rapid change. News gathering and verification methods, audience behaviour, platforms and today more than ever, the safety of journalists on the ground, are key areas of focus. 

During the 2-day summit, around 350 delegates from 100 countries will explore the major challenges media organisations are facing, from the decade-old giants, to the start-ups pushing the boundaries of content and distribution.

The World Media Summit

The World Media Summit serves as an efficient platform for media organisations to communicate and pool collective wisdom for their survival and development, convening every 2-3 years. The summit was jointly initiated by Xinhua News Agency and other leading media organisations. The WMS has built up its own structure and mechanism, including the summit, the presidium and the secretariat. This year, the third World Media Summit is hosted by Al Jazeera Media Network.

1-The Impact of Technology on News
2-Toward Mechanisms for the Protection of Journalists
3-Audience Fatigue vs. Editor Fatigue
4-Business Unusual

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