Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer Al Thani, Chairman of the Board of Al Jazeera Media Network, opened the 11th Al Jazeera Forum, “State Crisis and the Future of the Middle East”, on 15 April 2017.


The forum brought together political leaders, intellectuals, journalists and activists from the Arab world and beyond to engage in dialogue on the future of the region in light of its current situation.


In his opening remarks, the Chairman welcomed the participants, extending his special thanks to the guests who came from outside Qatar to participate in this forum.


“The issues we propose for discussion in this forum are of paramount importance, and their international implications are plain for all to see”, he said.


The forum is taking place un­­der conditions and important transformations experienced by the Arab region, notably the struggle that it had not seen in several decades.


“Since its inception, Al Jazeera Forum has served as an annual platform for deep and constructive dialogue where political leaders, intellectuals, and activists exchange ideas and visions on the various current issues and discuss their causes and implications”, he added.


Sheikh Hamad concluded his speech by expressing confidence that the forum’s deliberations and analyses of the current situation in the Arab region would help provide a clearer picture and more comprehensive vision that can answer many of the urgent questions today.