Head of the Rally of Democratic Forces Party

Ahmad Ould Dadah is the president of the Rally of Democratic Forces Party. He was the leader of the democratic opposition (2007-2014), president of the Union of Democratic Forces-New Era (1992-2007), an economist for the World Bank (1986-1991) and an independent economist consultant (1986-1979). He was the Minister of Finance and Commerce in 1978, the first governor of the Central Bank of Mauritania (1973-1978), the Director-General of the National Import-Export Company of Mauritania (1971-1973), the executive secretary to the Organisation of the Senegal River shared between Mauritania, Senegal, Mali and Guinea (1968-1971), and an economic and financial adviser to the president of Mauritania (1967-1968). He holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Economics from the University of Dakar, Senegal (1970) and a BA in Economics from the Sorbonne in France (1967).