The governor of Nineveh – Iraq

He was born in Mosul in 1958, holds a Bachelor Degree in civil engineering (1979), and a Bachelor Degree in Law (1998), and he is a businessman. He began his political career as an activist politician after the U.S. occupation of Iraq in 2003, he founded Al-Hadbaa' national Gathering in 2006, he participated in the provincial council elections in 2009, and served as a governor of Nineveh following the victory of the list of Al-Hadbaa' national Gathering he headed in local elections that took place in 2009, his list got 17 seats out of 37 seats of Nineveh province. He founded "Iraqioon" national gathering with his brother Abdul-aziz al-Nujaifi in 2010. He served as a governor for Nineveh province for the second consecutive time, and was chosen by 32 votes out of 39. He delivered a number of lectures in many countries. He has dozens of articles and editorials in "Iraqioon" newspaper and other Iraqi newspapers. He is now the president of "Mutahidoon" coalition for reforms in Nineveh.