A Sudanese journalist and university lecturer

Sudanese journalist and university lecturer and instructor in the field of media studies. He is currently a director of Tiba Press center for media services, and daily columnist in Khartoum newspaper. He holds a master's degree in journalism studies from the University of Cardiff in Wales, United Kingdom. He worked as a journalist with a number of Sudanese newspapers; he also worked in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. He was the editor of the Sudanese Adwa 'a newspaper (2004-2007). He teaches journalism in many Sudanese universities. And works on media training inside and outside Sudan. Faisal is an Activist in the fields of civil society, human rights, freedom of expression and media. He Participated in a large number of conferences and seminars within and outside Sudan, and made ​​a number of scientific papers in the areas of media, human rights, and issues of identity and cultural diversity in Sudan. In 2013, He won the American award of Peter Mclr for integrity and courage in journalism, and was awarded the champion of human rights in 2013 from the European Union mission in Sudan.