Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Strategic Research

Dr Hassan Ahmadian has been working as a member of the Middle East Studies Group at the Center for Strategic Studies since 2009 and as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Tehran Since 2013. Previously he was a Visiting Research Fellow at the Center for Scientific Research and Middle East Strategic Studies (2012-2013). His research and teaching work is mainly focused on Middle East political and security trends. Dr Ahmadian holds a PhD in Regional Studies (Middle East and North Africa) from University of Tehran. He has published more than 100 texts (op-eds, articles, reports and book chapters) in Persian, English and in Arabic and participated in a number of international conferences on Iranian and Middle Eastern issues. His latest publications include: "An Iranian Perspective on the Necessity to Fight Extremist Groups" (State of the Region, December 2014), "The Muslim Brotherhood After the Arab Uprisings: The Challenges of Acting as Regional Power" (Muslim World Strategic Studies Quarterly, September 2013) "The Political Order of the Second Republic in Egypt" (Muslim World Strategic Studies Quarterly, December 2013), "Al-Qaida in Saudi Arabia: The Future Perspective of 'Internal Jihad' Experience" (Book Chapter in Saudi Arabian Internal Affairs, 2013).