Retired military officer and political activist

A retired military officer, Dr Mohammad Amin Al-Khalifa graduated from the Sudanese Military Academy in 1973. He obtained a diploma in wireless communications from the American Communications Academy, a diploma in electronic warfare from the Electronic Warfare Institute in Egypt, and an MA degree in military sciences from the Sudanese Command and Staff College in 1985. He was president of the National Transitional Council (1992-1996), and chair of the Arab Parliament in 1994. He obtained a PhD in political science from the University of Gezira in Sudan in 2008. Dr Al-Khalifa’s writings include the books On the Political System in Sudan (Arabic and English), Steps Towards Peace in 10 years (Arabic and English), Peace Steps in the Era of the Rescue Movement, War and Peace in South Sudan from an Islamic Perspective, and the booklet The Storyteller’s Tale. He has authored many editorials, and research and study papers, and has participated in numerous intellectual and academic forums.