A member of the Yemeni National Dialogue representing Yemeni youth.

A youth activist and photographer, on the verge of finishing her Master program in Business administration, she holds as well a Bachelor Degree with honors in information technology. During the period March 2013 - January 2014, she represented the Independent Youth through the membership of the Comprehensive National Dialogue Conference as a member in the southern issue team, in the 8+8 (16) committee, a small team of the southern issue team which is concerned with the discussion and the historical resolution of the most complicated and important Yemeni issue. She covered the events of the peaceful popular youth revolution taking place in 2011 in Change square, Sana'a, including different revolutionary marches and events. During the period May 2012 to March 2011, Nadia worked in the channel "Yemen youth" as an editor and coordinator of the political programs, as well as working on social media and photography.