Director of the Middle East and Asia Center in Russia

Dr. Suponina holds a Ph.D. from Russian Friendship University in Moscow, History of Philosophy Department. She previously worked as a correspondent, then observer for the Novoye Vremya magazine and Vremya Novostei newspaper; then Head of International Desk, Vremya Novostei and Moscow News newspapers (2002–2011). She is currently the Director of the Middle East and Asia Center in Moscow. Her research interests cover current Middle Eastern and Asian issues; cooperation between Russia and countries in the region; international mediation in the Middle East settlement. Dr. Suponina has interviewed eminent leaders, including the leaders of most Arab countries and Israel. She has received international and Russian awards for best publications in following areas: Islam in Russia, Russian-Iraq cooperation, Russian–Arab cooperation in oil and gas. Dr. Suponina has published over 10 research books and papers, thousands of newspaper and magazine articles. She also provides commentary for various Russian, Western and Arab TV channels and radio stations.